How to Slay your 2019 Summer Look?

Have you been contemplating your new Summer Hair Style? but can’t seem to decide on the look you want? We know that there are so many options out there that it can be quite overwhelming, but don’t fret, we’ve narrowed down a few celeb inspired styles that we think you would love. We created side by side collages of  Binf Hair clients rocking the same style, so that you can easily identify what hair type you’d need to achieve each look.

Curly hair is fun & sexy, yet it’s all about the texture. Textured patterns have taken over lately. They give such a natural look, that it appears to have grown from your very own scalp. You can wear a fashion hat to match all your cloth in this hot summer!
Which of these styles caught your eye and has you ready to spring forward? Let us know how much you love the look once you get that install. We’ll be waiting Babes! Want to see more looks?Check them out on our IG to find more 
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