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How Do You Do Summer Hairstyles?
09.12.2022 | binfhair |

summer hairstyle

Whether you have long, layered hair down to your waist or a shorter, shoulder-grazing bob, these are the season's hottest hairstyles. Is there a more stylish way to flaunt your new summer styles for natural hair? We don't think so. Here are the most flattering and cute summer hairstyles and updos to keep you cool in the heat of summer.

1. The beachy bun
Wear this hairstyle whether you just want to spend the day at the beach or not. There are two success secrets here. One, there's a lot of texture. If you've just returned from a day at the beach, the salt water and wind will have done the trick. If not, you may easily replicate the effect with the right product. Before air-drying or blow-drying, sprinkle damp hair with a wave-enhancing spray.

Begin by scooping hair up and fixing it into a high pony. At this point, add more texture to the ponytail by sprinkling it with texturizing powder. This adds volume while also providing the hair with just the proper amount of grip to keep it from slipping. Using a clear elastic, create a messy bun with your hair. However, don't stop there. The trick to achieving this summer hairstyle for medium hair is to repeat the process, looping the bun into another bun to create structure.

2. Space buns
This summer, space buns are a simple way to stand out and feel cute. Part your hair in the center, from the front to the back. Roll each side's hair into a sloppy bun and pin it down. Allow the front strands to cascade over your face to obtain a "laid back" effect.


3. Box braids
Pull your box braids into a sleek, complicated braid to update them. This style appears to be sophisticated and cool, yet it is simply a style within a style. To keep the style centered on the braids, tie them off with transparent or hair-color elastics.

4. Ponytail braided
The secret to this look is to knot off your ponytail weave first, then begin braiding. Your braid will remain tight and in place throughout the day. You can make it braided by pulling out front bits or bangs or slick it back with a styling cream.

5. Half-up topknot
When your hair isn't long enough to pull back completely, try this adaptable updo, which pulls back only the front area. This is an excellent style for work or play, and it looks especially good on second-day hair. (An added advantage, because who wants to wash and style their hair every day, especially in the summer?)

Pull the top piece of your hair up from temple to temple, twisting it into a loose topknot and fastening it with a hair tie or bobby pins. Brush it back or keep it parted in the middle, then wear the rest of your hair straight or with a little texture—both look equally nice.

6. The wet look
This gives you that "sun goddess" look without the need for difficult styling processes. The best part is that no hot tools are required, and it works well on a range of small lengths.

Begin by running a styling cream through damp hair to keep it moist and give it some grip, then follow with a mousse to add hold and create that slicked-back structure. Comb back your hair and let it air dry before finishing with a light mist of hairspray to keep everything in place.

7. Topknot bun
A top knot bun is a quick and easy hairdo for the summer. It's a straightforward aesthetic that goes a long way. With just one short step and a few bobby pins, you've got yourself a flawless ballerina bun. For this easy look, use your natural hair or clip-in bun extensions.

8. Messy bun
If you want to look effortlessly chic, go for a perfectly undone messy bun. This summer style for natural hair is appropriate for every event, including work, school, parties, and just hanging out at home.

9. Half-up, half-down hairstyle
For all of you with naturally curly or wavy hair! This half-up, half-down hairdo is a simple look that goes with any lovely summer clothing. If you have straight hair, you may still achieve this style by curling it first.

10. Beach waves
This one is for all the ladies who have long, gorgeous locks. Beach waves are the ideal summer hairdo for you! It exudes effortlessness while also being elegant. This look may be achieved with a curling wand, or if you prefer a heatless method, hair rollers will suffice. You can also try this hairstyle with next-day delivery wigs.

11. Fishtail braid
The fishtail braid is a classic braid that may be styled in a variety of ways to suit your preferences. It's a quick and effortless look for those hot summer days. Once you've mastered the fishtail braid, you may try variations like the French fishtail braid, chunky fishtail braid, double fishtail braid, three-way fishtail braid, and so many more!

12. Mermaid waves
Mermaid waves are trendy this summer, whether you're going to the beach or on a hot date! Get quick waves with a triple barrel iron to look like you just stepped out of the ocean. The longer your hair, the more this summer hairstyle and incredibly popular hairdo will look!

Final thoughts
If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for summer, you will be spoilt for choices. That’s because there are numerous hairstyles for summer that you can try out. You can try any or a few of the hairstyles mentioned above.