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Highlight Hairstyles Tailored for Black Friday
11.12.2022 | binfhair |

1. What is a chunky blonde highlight?

More textured than ordinary highlights, chunky highlights are a combination of balayage color weaving and highlighting. This type of highlighting can help give your overall hair color depth and jump, leaving you a lot of freedom to create. The lighter color is combined with the darker color that is already in the hair to create a more defined look. The chunky blonde highlight is made by using large chunky highlights with the popular chunky trend. Another great feature of this chunky style is that it is custom-made for the client, combining facial contours and hair color

chunky blonde highlight

2. How to create a chunky blonde highlight?

The first thing you need to know is the depth of your hair color. If you have very dark hair, you may need to bleach it several times to get a chunky blonde highlight, and you need to bleach the same piece of hair no less than three times to get a very light blonde. If you try to get chunky blonde highlights quickly, it will backfire. Achieving chunky blonde highlights in one go will only cause endless damage to your hair. Damaged hair, breakage, dryness, frizziness, all these are the results of pursuing quick results. So be more patient and follow the steps as well.

Here are three simple steps to help you achieve chunky blonde highlights.

 1 Choose the highlighting position

Choose the highlighting position

2 Create a contrasting color

Create a contrasting color

 3 Apply bleach

Apply bleach

3. Chunky highlight 2022


Alt-Inspired Chunky Highlights


Chocolate caramel chunky highlights


Chocolate caramel chunky highlights


Golden caramel chunky blonde highlight


Golden caramel chunky blonde highlight



4. Conclusion

By introducing what chunky highlights are and how to achieve the effect of chunky blonde highlight, I believe you have learned a lot about this hair color through this post. If you like it too, try it out!